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Power Monitoring and Control

ASCO PowerQuest® Power Monitoring and Control Family

Get ready to have the power of knowledge and the ability to act on that knowledge. The ASCO PowerQuest® Power Monitoring and Control family are ASCO’s newest power monitoring and control solution. It empowers you to test, manage loads, optimize the bus bar, remotely monitor, and always know the status of your facility’s operation and power sources. Single or multiple points of access allow for local area network or remote network access. Have the freedom to access your system remotely via web-enabled communications as well.

ASCO 5110 Serial Interface Module (Acc 72A)

The ASCO Serial Interface Module, Catalog No. 5110 (Acc. 72A), enables serial ATS monitoring when used in conjunction with ASCO PowerQuest interface products.

The 5110 is used to connect an ASCO transfer switch to a serial network through a single RS-485 connection. It consists of two serial port connectors, which is used to combine the communications for the ATS Controller and Power Manager (Catalog No. 5220) into a single RS-485 communications interface. A serial network of 32 devices can be formed by daisy-chaining the RS-485 ports together. An Ethernet Connectivity Module, Catalog No. 5150 (Accessory 72E), may be used to convert the entire serial network into a single Ethernet interface, which provides a single Ethernet IP to access all of the daisy-chained devices.


ASCO 5140 Quad Ethernet Module

​The ASCO Quad-Ethernet Module, Catalog No. 5140 (Acc. 72EE), provides connectivity from ASCO equipment and Ethernet switch functionality.

Common Framework ASCO 5150 Connectivity Module

ASCO 5150 Connectivity Module

The ASCO Connectivity Module, Catalog No. 5150 (Acc. 72E), provides easy and reliable Ethernet connectivity to ASCO transfer switches for monitoring.

ASCO 5350 Eight Channel Remote Annunciator

The ASCO 5350 Remote Annunciator (RA) is a stand-alone, industrial grade interface device providing transfer switch status indication and transfer/retransfer control for up to eight transfer switches. Ethernet technology is incorporated for fast, reliable communication.

ASCO PowerQuest 5700

Whether it is just a generator or transfer switch, a single facility or multiple locations: PowerQuest, the Critical Power Management System (CPMS) gives you the visibility and insight needed to achieve you goals.​

ASCO PowerQuest 5900 SERIES

PowerQuest 5900 is ideal for complex on-site power systems that support ultra-critical applications such as data centers, large hospitals, financial centers and other operations where the stakes are high. ​

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