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Discontinued Thermal Management Products

Liebert Challenger 3000 with Advanced Microprocessor

Liebert Challenger 3000 provides complete control of temperature, humidity and air filtration. The unit offers an extremely compact footprint, ideal for facilities where space is at a premium. All critical components are front-accessible, so the unit may be corner-installed or installed flush against other equipment.

Liebert Challenger 3000 is available in 10.5 and 17.5 kW (3 and 5 tons) capacities, 60 Hz and 50 Hz models. Air cooled, water cooled, glycol cooled, GLYCOOL™ and chilled water configurations. Upflow and downflow models available.

Liebert Challenger ITR, Row-Based Precision Cooling System, 23 and 33kW

Liebert Challenger ITR is a horizontal airflow precision cooling unit that fits within a row of equipment racks. It draws hot air in through the extended rear door and supplies chilled conditioned air through a low profile, cold aisle discharge plenum.

Liebert Challenger ITR is available in nominal 23kW or 33kW capacity, 60Hz. 50Hz models also available. Air-cooled, water-cooled, glycol-cooled, GLYCOOL, chilled water and split system configurations. The horizontal airflow pattern is suitable for raised or non-raised floors.

Liebert Datacool

This product is discontinued.

Liebert Himod

Liebert Himod precision cooling system provides precise temperature regulation, humidity control and air filtration in a high-efficiency, space-saving, low-noise unit. It provides the temperature regulation, humidity control and air filtration required by electronic equipment in computer rooms, telecommunications sites and other high tech environments. Featuring total front access for installation and service, Liebert Himod fits easily into tight spaces. Liebert Himod is available in capacities from 28-42kW (8-12 tons), 60Hz. Air-cooled, glycol-cooled, GLYCOOL and Dual Cool configurations are available in upflow and downflow models.

Liebert HPC-S Free Cooling Chiller, 192-362kW

The Liebert HPC-S provides chiller support for small to mid-sized computer rooms, with cooling capacities of 192kW (55 tons), 285kW (81 tons) and 362kW (103 tons).

Liebert ICS Industrial Cooling

Your process control equipment has to be tough in order to operate under harsh conditions, and the air conditioner maintaining the environment must match this durability. The Liebert ICS is designed for the physical needs of industrial sites, with rugged and serviceable components to ensure continuous operation.

ICS also has the intelligence that microprocessor technology provides. This advanced system provides close temperature and humidity control, improving the operating conditions for your electronic process control equipment.

Liebert Series SGH

Engineered for cost-effective, efficient performance, Series SGH humidifiers are designed for quick installation, simple operation, easy maintenance and servicing, energy efficiency, cleanliness and reliability.

Liebert XDF

Extreme density electronic equipment is turning up in many non-traditional spaces — spaces without the benefit of computer room air conditioning to provide cooling for the generated heat loads. This rack-based equipment must be protected with the same level of air, power and security support as a conventional computer room, but with the economies of scale and price in mind.

Liebert XDF™ is high density cooling integrated into a secured rack enclosure, providing the benefits of big room support in a cost-effective package. Optimized horizontal air circulation cools the protected equipment, both in standard mode and in backup ventilation mode. Control and monitoring are accomplished with the cabinet-mounted Liebert iCOM control system. In addition, optional Liebert UPS, advanced power strips and remote monitoring systems are available to customize the level of support to individual equipment needs.

Liebert XDK-W

Blade servers and other rack-based, extreme density IT equipment require a high level of cooling, power and security support. The Liebert XDK-W meets this challenge with a proven integrated rack enclosure solution that creates a protective environment for these critical electronic components.

Liebert XDP (without ICOM)

This product is discontinued.

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