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Data Center Infrastructure Management

DCIM Solutions

Are you looking for real-time insights about your data center’s infrastructure? Could you create efficiencies with more accurate and timely information? Consider Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) solutions today. DCIM can give you the power to manage capacity, reduce risk and increase efficiency in real time. DCIM provides significant value in thermal management, capacity planning, data center monitoring, and energy management. Browse the solutions below to get more information about specific DCIM solutions.

Advanced Console Servers

Vertiv’s full line of Avocent serial console appliances that include the field-tested ACS, the SMB targeted ACS 5000 and the next generation ACS 6000.

Remote Management Solutions

KVM switches allow one to control multiple devices from a single console eliminating redundancy of hardware, consolidating efficient space, and increasing overall performance.


Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) is the way to go, and the Trellis™ Real-time Infrastructure Optimization Platform is the industry leader.

Common Framework Liebert Nform, Centralized Monitoring Software

Liebert Nform, Centralized Monitoring Software

Liebert Nform centralized infrastructure monitoring software solution provides data center monitoring of equipment for companies of every size. It provides network management of distributed Liebert equipment with notifications and messaging, with software versions available to meet business needs.​

Discontinued Data Center Infrastructure Management Products

View the whole line of Discontinued Data Center Infrastructure Management products that we support.

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