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Data Center Monitoring

Data Center Monitoring Solutions

Manage your data center efficiently with our real-time monitoring products. Gain live data from your IT infrastructure and environment and change the status of any managed device. Browse our solutions below, including UPS, network, battery and environmental systems monitoring.

Albér Battery Monitoring

Avoid power failure and premature battery replacement in your Data Center with our Albér battery monitoring and diagnostic solutions. Our battery monitoring products increase availability while reducing replacement and maintenance costs.

Communication Cards

Data center monitoring cards provide monitoring and control of your equipment. The cards manage a wide range of operating parameters, alarms and notifications, transmitting data over the network.

Enterprise Monitoring Systems

Enterprise monitoring is the first step in getting your arms around effectively and efficiently managing your interconnected data center infrastructure and delivering the best customer satisfaction.

Leak Detection

A wide range of leak detection systems provide fast detection and location reporting of potentially hazardous fluid leaks.

iCom s thermal system control

Point Solutions

Point solutions include a variety of data center optimization solutions including thermal system supervisory controls, universal monitoring, and remote alarm systems.


Monitoring solutions for small and medium businesses can help small IT departments maintain system efficiencies and stay ahead of growth.

Rack PDU Sensors and Accessories

Specifically designed to optimize the efficiency and reliability of your Rack system.

Discontinued Data Center Monitoring Products

View the whole line of Discontinued Data Center Monitoring products that we support.

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