Albér Cellcorder CRT-400 Cell Resistance Tester

The Cellcorder™ CRT-400 Cell Resistance Tester is specially designed to strictly comply with IEEE standards for testing batteries. The Cellcorder is capable of performing voltage, internal cell resistance, intercell connection resistance and float voltage measurements on 1V cells to 16V modules. This rugged, portable unit comes complete with all the accessories, in one carrying case, to get started.


Portable battery cell resistance testerStores and display test dataWireless or USB data transfer to a PC for analysis and reportsPatented DC resistance test methodAudible signal to signal the measure is complete


FlexibilityEasy navigation with graphical display.Measures cell voltage and internal battery resistance as well as intercell resistance.Flash drive can be used to transfer data to your PC.Wireless communication with the compatible DMA Hydrometer.Battery Analysis PC software lets you identify bad cells, create reports and archive data.Higher AvailabilityPatented Internal Resistance testing eliminates inaccuracy.Tests batteries from 0-16V.Options include test clamps with interchangeable jaws.Lowest Total Cost of OwnershipPackaged system has lower initial cost.Trending data provides early warning to degrading cells, allowing replacement of only failing cells, extending the life of the complete battery string.Ideally Suited ForMeasurements of individual cells or multiple cell modulesData for compliance verificationMaintenance, verification and trouble-shooting battery performance

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