Liebert Challenger 3000 with Advanced Microprocessor

This product is discontinued.

Liebert Challenger 3000 provides complete control of temperature, humidity and air filtration. The unit offers an extremely compact footprint, ideal for facilities where space is at a premium. All critical components are front-accessible, so the unit may be corner-installed or installed flush against other equipment.

Liebert Challenger 3000 is available in 10.5 and 17.5 kW (3 and 5 tons) capacities, 60 Hz and 50 Hz models. Air cooled, water cooled, glycol cooled, GLYCOOL™ and chilled water configurations. Upflow and downflow models available.


  • Precision cooling and humidity control
  • Installs in a corner or against other equipment to save space
  • Meets most application requirements with multiple configuration options
  • Offers advanced controls for efficient operation
  • For current product offering, please see Liebert Challenger 3000 with iCOM controls.
  • Benefits

    • Offers two levels of microprocessor control systems.
    • Provides enhanced temperature control with optional SCR-controlled reheat.
    • Reduces noise levels within the room unit, when installed as a split system with remotely located compressor and condenser.
    Higher Availability/
    • Features reliable refrigeration components, such as a scroll compressor and A-Frame Evaporator coil, all factory pre-piped, wired, and tested in a rugged, easy-access tubular-steel frame.
    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Utilizes scroll compressor for energy efficiency.
    • Minimizes short cycling and other wasteful operating patterns with fast response microprocessor controls.
    Ideally Suited For
    • Laboratories and medical imaging suites
    • Telecommunications switching offices
    • Industrial process control
    • Data centers


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