Liebert ECA2-E and ECA2-M

This product is discontinued.

The optional ECA2 (Environmental Communications Adapter) allows a dumb terminal or a PC with an RS-232 port to communicate with Liebert Level 0 and Level 10 microprocessor controllers in environmental units. By accessing the ECA2 board through a modem, users can monitor unit status from a remote location, observe alarms, and change set points. A security password can be required for system control, but is not required for status information.

The ECA2 can communicate with up to two Liebert microsprocessor boards using RS-422 (proprietary) links. Each RS-422 link is called a channel. The ECA2 converts the data on each RS-422 channel to an RS-232 signal (ASCII) for transmission to a monitor (local or remote). The RS-232 port on the ECA2 connects to the terminal, PC, or modem, and the cable wiring must comply with the application.

The ECA2 board is field installed in the environmental unit electronics control box, wired to a +5 VDC power supply and to the RS-422 (Proprietary) port of the microprocessor board. This RS-422 connection is made to channel 1 of the ECA2 board; if you connect a second environmental unit, it must be wired to channel 2 of the ECA2 board.