Liebert IntelliRack Multiplexing Unit

This product is discontinued.

The IntelliRack is a powerful multiplexing device that allows a Liebert UPS of any size to communicate with virtually unlimited number of computers. The IntelliRack unit has five Intellislots for MultiPort 4 cards that can be connected to as many as four computers each. An IntelliRack unit with five MultiPort 4 cards installed will notify up to 20 computers of power failure and low battery conditions. A built-in bridging capability permits daisy-chaining IntelliRack units together, accommodating a virtually unlimited number of computers – limited only by the capacity of the UPS. When a power failure or low battery arises in the UPS, the IntelliRack sends notifications to all systems connected to the IntelliRack. One example of a connected system is a network of computers running Liebert’s MultiLink shutdown software.