Liebert LDS Series

This product is discontinued.

The Liebert Direct Reading Leak Detection System includes leak detection cable connected to a module to provide a direct distance reading in feet or meters. A module with display included is the LDS1000. A module without a display is the LDS750. Either of these modules can send a signal (RS-485) to a remote display, the LDS1000D. Also included are outputs for Liebert SiteScan (RS-422), proprietary) and an analog signal (4-20mA). The module has two (2) alarm relays: leak detected and cable fault. These contacts may be wired in parallel for a summary alarm. Alarm relays can be supervised (de-energized for alarm) or unsupervised (energized for alarm). The display can be latched until acknowledged or it can be continuously updated. User options, including cable length, are selected by DIP switches.

The leak detection cable (LT500) is available in lengths of 10 to 25 feet. Total cable length can range from 10 to 2000 feet. The cable system can include a leader cable from the module to the first leak detection segment, and weighted sections and leader cables can be used in the system. A cable end terminator is always included to complete the circuit. The cable is installed to a clean, dry surface using a pair of adhesive clips at six (6) foot intervals.