Liebert RCM Series

This product is discontinued.

The Liebert RCM contact monitor displays customized alarm indication for any dry contact input from data center cooling, power and UPS systems, including Liebert units. This remote system continuously surveys the most critical support equipment and instantly alerts users to alarm conditions. The unit monitors up to four digital inputs.

When the RCM receives an alarm signal, a piezoelectric siren sounds and the LED illuminates for the corresponding contact point (1 through 8). A text interface to a video terminal or PC emulating a terminal session is used to configure the operating parameters, and can remain connected to receive user-programmed alarms messages. In addition to monitoring alarm signals from locally-connected equipment, the RCM8 can also dial out via modem to: remote computer; another RCM acting as a repeater; numeric pager; or alphanumeric pager. The RCM8DO features 8 additional contact-closure outputs that mimic the state of the alarm LEDs. Up to four RCM8 units can be connected in a local, multi-point monitoring configuration. This gives added flexibility to monitor up to 32 contact points. The RCM8 also communicates with the Liebert SiteScan centralized monitoring system.