Liebert RDC

This product is discontinued.

Unlike standard Liebert Precision Power Centers (PPCs) and Liebert FPC, the Liebert RDC has no internal isolation transformer and requires 4-wire-plus-ground input from a Liebert PPC or other transformer. By separating the Liebert PPC transformer and subfeed breakers from the panelboard function, Liebert was able to create an extremely compact package. It fits the area of a standard 24” raised-floor tile while permitting removal of adjacent floor tiles. This conserves precious floor space and allows maximum installation flexibility. The system is available in multiple input and output voltages in 60Hz and 50Hz models.


  • Smallest footprint power distribution unit
  • Provides 4 complete panelboards with main breaker, total 168 poles
  • Offers single, dual or four-input configurations
  • Benefits

    • Unobstructed wiring access for ease of installation
    • Single, dual or four-input configurations
    • Optional clear door insert panels enabling visual inspection of the breakers without unlocking the cabinet
    • Optional adjustable accent panels to make it easier to compensate for breaker creep
    Higher Availability
    • Factory assembled and tested to ensure reliability and consistent performance
    • Complete isolation and maintainability
    Lowest Total Cost Of Ownership
    • Compact cabinet conserves valuable floor space
    Ideally Suited For:
    • Data Centers
    • Telecommunications
    • Manufacturing