Liebert SiteNet SNMP Manager

This product is discontinued.

The Liebert SiteNetÆ MultiPort 4 provides easy-to-install protection for up to five computers connected to a single UPS. The computers can simultaneously monitor the UPS status – for example, utility power failure or low battery.


This advanced power-management device is designed to function only in the Liebert Intellislot of the following supported UPS units:

  • Nfinity
  • Liebert NX
  • PowerSure PSI
  • UPStation GXT
  • UPStation GXT2

A maximum of five computer systems may be linked - a host computer connected to the factory-installed UPS communications port and up to four client computers connected via MultiPort 4. When a UTILITY FAIL or LOW BATTERY condition is detected, the MultiPort 4 provides a signal to each connected computer (Figure 1). Liebert MultiLink software, installed on each workstation, can interpret the signal and initiate operating system shutdown according to configurations determined by the user. The specially designed cable assembly included in the package provides four output ports that signal the status of the UPS - for example, utility fail or low battery - to each connected computer.