Liebert SiteScan 2000W, SiteScan 2W

This product is discontinued.

SiteScan 2000 for Windows is a full-featured software package designed to monitor critical support equipment. The software includes programs which run on a Workstation computer and other programs called Function Blocks (FBs) which reside in individual control modules. The control modules are installed at or near the local point of interface. These modules are networked together and usually communicate with the Workstation through a single gateway module (normally a SiteGate-232, SiteGate-ETH, or a DCLAN) over telephone lines. This combination of software and hardware allows the implementation of a system-wide monitoring system.

The human operator communicates with each control module network, called a CMnet, through a Workstation. The Workstation software receives information from the modules and processes it so that it can be viewed from the perspective of all locations being monitored: a group of buildings in a complex, an individual building, a floor within that building, an individual zone, or an individual piece of critical support equipment. When the equipment level is reached, the operator is communicating directly with the Function Block in the module which is monitoring the
displayed equipment. This is the most local point of interface, and the operator can quickly assess the performance of that particular equipment and take whatever action is required.