Liebert Tele2

This product is discontinued.

The Liebert TELE2 remotely controls for two InteleCool units. Up to 20 system alarms can be stored with time and date stamp. All Alarms are latching and must be manually cleared.

The most important control functions are Autochangeover and Autosequencing. Each unit can be assigned a Running or Standby status.

Autochangeover turns on the Standby unit if an alarm is detected. The Running unit (with alarm) will be turned off if that control option is selected. Each unit will return to its previous status when the alarm is manually cleared.

Autosequencing balances unit run-times by changing the Standby unit to Running (and the Running unit to Standby) at programmed time intervals. Other control functions include Manual Override, Emergency Power Operation, Power Failure Mode, Password, and Programmable Delays.