NetSure ITM with eSure Technology

This product is discontinued.

48 VDC UPS, 70 kW to 280 kW

The NetSure™ ITM lowers the cost of data center design, operation and management. This 48 V direct current solution is a row-based DC UPS that delivers simple, scalable and highly efficient data center power protection in 70 kW modules. Up to four DC UPS modules can be installed together for 280 kW of total power.


The NetSure™ ITM is deployed directly on the server room floor, providing protected 48 V power to nearby equipment racks. This preserves the efficiency and reliability benefits of DC power, minimizes the amount of copper required, and enables modular growth.

NetSure™ rectifiers or power conversion units (PCUs) with eSure™ high-efficiency technology are the heart of the NetSure™ ITM. Each DC UPS module includes twelve independent 5.8 kW PCUs. Each DC UPS module is factory integrated with distribution and batter backup. 48 V branch distribution via 22 circuit breakers (6 fuses optional); 5 minutes to 10 minutes of battery backup is provided across three parallel 48 V battery strings.

The NetSure™ RDB Series offers complementary, plug-and-play zero rack unit power distribution options.