SmartMod Infrastructure

Prefabricated buildings for a wide variety of applications and industries, designed as easily transportable, preassembled modules for rapid deployment. The SmartMod™ is specially designed with data center managers’ needs in mind, offering an intelligent, rapidly deployable, prefabricated enclosure for modular data centers.


  • All subsystems are integrated in a controlled, factory environment with external cabling & piping to be joined on site
  • Fabrication and transportation can be done in parallel with site preparation, civil works, and construction, cutting months off the time-to-deploy
  • Scalability allows for granular and incremental upgrades with the opportunity to delay some portion of the capital investment until additional capacity is needed
  • New technologies can be applied with each extension
  • Vertiv’s innovative design enables smaller modular constructions (lower CapEx) and higher facility utilization (lower PUE and OpEx)
  • First class engineering and project management expertise coupled with industry leading products


  • Speed of deployment, reduced construction work and minimized site risks as design, assembly and pre-testing is made in a factory-controlled environment
  • Lower initial CapEx than traditional construction as there is no need to over-provision
  • Increased productivity, consistent high quality, reduced delays and cost overruns with standardized fabrication processes
  • OpEx savings and maximized ROI with best-in-class, tightly integrated facility meeting the highest standards of availability and efficiency

Additional Models