Trellis™ Platform Energy Manager Solution

The Trellis™ Energy Management Solution enables you to manage the energy usage in the data center with a centralized solution, quickly and in a cost effective manner.​


  • Correctly manage power and cooling to resolve energy issues in your critical environment
  • Receive a comprehensive view of the power resources and utilization, for easier management of the complete data center power system – from utility to the rack power distribution
  • Determine which devices are dependent on a device using configured connections, allowing you to plan for power changes and maintenance, and perform risk assessments
  • Adjust operation loads on equipment based on actual information, to maintain service level agreements and improve efficiency – without worrying about availability
  • Respond quickly to critical power issues 24/7/365
  • Automate PUE, DCIE, and energy reporting


With the Trellis™ Energy Management Solution, you are able to:

  • Lower energy costs through power management of critical infrastructure. Reduce total cost of ownership. Increase productivity and power resource utilization.
  • Standardize PUE reporting to save time and increase performance
  • Maximize energy efficiency and reduce your operating expenses.
  • Complete in seconds the management that used to take hours