Trellis™ Thermal System Manager

Provides thermal management for the dynamic and often complex data center environment.​​​​​


  • Balance the available cooling capacity between IT devices and the facility
  • Predict thermal capacity that balances total cooling production with the actual heat load at the room and rack level
  • Understand the true thermal capacity for planning and redundancy, so as to reduce wasteful overcooling to lower energy cost
  • Monitor rack level details and compare the temperature profile and heat load for each rack
  • Bridge the gap between facilities and IT and manage your cooling chain from the mechanical system, rack, down to server
  • Monitor and set threshold alarms for the service processor temperature inside critical IT devices for an added level of protection


  • Track thermal improvements over time and document results
  • Alarm management, notification, and thresholds for environmental sensors
  • Optimize cooling temperatures to lower cooling energy costs
  • Rack level metrics to balance cooling and the IT heat load
  • Manage cooling units and optimized based on performance and efficiency
  • View IT service processor information for added protection against downtime
  • Monitor the cooling system and how it impacts my day to day operations
  • Monitor and analyze capacity to determine utilization, efficiency, and future planning